artist statement.

Hi my name is Albert Reyes. I enjoy making things. I was born in Los Angeles, and even as a child in school, art was all I wanted to do. I moved to the bay area as a young teen, where I attended high school. Later I attended San Francisco Art Institute. I received a BFA in 2001, in interdiciplinary arts. I focused on many types of printmaking as well as making videos. Drawing has always been the emphasis of my work.

Making art has always been as much a personal thing that I do just for myself, as well as a way to connect with other people. I enjoy an audience, so when I do my water drawings on the sidewalks and see a crowd gather around and hear their reactions, I get a lot out of it. It is a way of doing art on a "public art" level also, which I really support, but it is just for that moment at the same time, since it quickly evaporates. The subject matter of my art definetely focuses on people, ordinary and not, known and unknown. I make art for people, about people. I like to make relationships that might reflect what people can easily relate to, as well as to show them relationships that may be surprising. I feel that art is for everyone, and adds a richness and awareness to peoples lives. I enjoy conceptual art as well as visual asthetics, and well rendered art. I also enjoy teaching, and used to work for the Imagine Bus Project, a neighborhood arts program for inner-city kids. My goal with making art is to reach people, hopefully in a positive way, and perhaps to make a living as an artist. I know it is difficult, but with patience and determination, I will achieve my goals.